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Hydroxypropyl guar gum powder GRJ

Hydroxypropyl guar gum is by guar gum chemical modification and become a new low damage fracture fluid, guar gum with the international advanced level in the efficient oilfield fracturing fluid thickener. It plays in oilfield fracturing of high viscosity residue, good water-soluble, low moisture and water insoluble, were lower of sandstone reservoir, less damage, theological properties easily controlled, extremely easy from strata flowback characteristics. Mainly used for oil gas well fracturing the homework water-based fracturing fluid and acid pressure the homework is high temperature liquid, pre-filter of low permeability reservoirs in deep-well fracturing thickening shall use products.

Application Fields

This product is a yellow powder, getting it as the guar gum powder by chemical modification, has many excellent properties.Water insoluble and residual objuct have a greatly more reduced than guar collagen powder. Can be used as oilfield water-based fracturing fluid and mud additives, can effectively reduce the pollution of stratum with high temperature resisting performance and strong stability. Suitable for petroleum exploration and mining mining, cosmetics, pharmacy, paper, textiles, blasting, etc.


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