Anionic polyacrylamide
Cationic polyacrylamide
Nonionic polyacrylamide
Paper-making dispersant
Polyaluminium Chloride
Polyacrylic acid potassium
Water purification flocculant
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium
Oilfield chemicals
Hydroxypropyl guar gum powder GRJ
PAM potassium
Reclaimed materials
Hydroxypropyl guar gum

Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium


CMC as acidic beverage additive has the following advantages.

Stabilizes yogurt and prevents phase separation and settling.

Improves mouth feel.

Allows longer shelf life.

CMC in icecream.

Stabilizes the even dispersion of water,fat,protein and sugar,prevents crystallization,imparts smooth mouth fed.

In modifies flour viscosity,improves water retention and storage stability.

CMC in low-carb food.

CMC is calory free and physiologically inert.flour viscosity,improves water retention and storage stabil.


Food additive ,constituent of many non-food products,such as K-Y Jelly ,toothpaste,laxatives,diet pills,water-based paints,detergents,textile sizing and various paper product; Aviscosity modifier and water retention agent.


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