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Nonionic polyacrylamide

1 Name
Nonionic polyacrylamide

2 Main technical indices
Appearance: the white particles
Solid content: °›88%
Molecular weight: 300-1200 million

3 The physicochemical properties
The product is white solid powder, non-toxic, easy absorption of moisture, almost insoluble in all organic solvent, soluble in water.

4 Application

  1. PAM is nonionic through its macromolecule long chains of adsorption sewage in many tiny particles or oil bead, then clung together and the formation of Bridges. It is a kind of very strong ability flocculant, its flocculation faster than anionic PAM. In oilfield wastewater treatment, usually is used with aluminum salt together.
  2. Prior to use to determine the optimal dosage through experiments, dosage is too low, it doesn't work, dosage is exorbitant, it will against the effect. This is because above a specified concentration, PAM not only afford flocculation effect, but scattered stabilizing effect.
  3. Dosing should be used low concentration, in order to ensure that the mixed uniformly.
  4. Nonionic PAM as a highly selective flocculant for use of bentonite low solid-phase drilling mud, because it can flocculation the drilled debris, and make the bentonite remained decentralized state.

5 Storage, transportation and the matters needing attention
This product is avirulent, moistureproof, rainproof, avoid sun exposure.

6 Packaging and specifications

25kg in composite bag(cloth/film/paper)lined with PE bag,or on the clients' requirements.

Cationic polyacrylamide performance indicators


molecular weight

water solubility

water insoluble

inherent content


dissolving time(h)

residual monomer

the white particles









Coal washing: it can be used on coal washing about tail slag centrifugal separation, use in pulverized coal and coal slime of precipitation and the filter, can improve the pulverized coal recovery and improve filter rate.

Textile auxiliaries: add some other chemicals can be made into chemical pulp, used in textile sizing, can improve its adequate adhesiveness, permeability and desizing performance, make the fabric with antistatic function, reduce sizing rate, reduce heave pulp spot,and Reduce falling objects.

Wastewater treatment: when sewage system partial acidic, choose nonionic series polyacrylamide is suitable, using with inorganic flocculant poly aluminium, aluminium etc. It will be the best effect to use in water treatment.

Metallurgical ore dressing: such as zinc, manganese, copper flotation and smelting, the drain fluid and residue can add PAM, improve the separation efficiency.

Preventing sand-fixation: put nonionic polyacrylamide dissolve to 0.3% concentration and add with crosslinking agent, spray on the desert can prevent sand fixing.

Chemical grouting agent: use 9.5 of nonionic polyacrylamide plus 0.5 N N - a fork double acrylamide miscible as DAMS, foundation and tunnels stopping water of chemical grouting agent.

Oilfield adjustable profile plugging agent: used with lignocellulose coordination, add certain chemical agents, can be used for oil field adjustable profile plugging agent.

Soil moisturizing factor: use in soil water sand-fixation.It gets a moisturizing effect on Slope of grass, trees and sand sand-fixation dustproof.

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