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Hydroxypropyl guar gum

Hydroxypropyl guar gum

Product characteristics:

1. Excellent faowabilty of dry powder makes the supplementation of product very convenient without the occurrence of agglomeration or caking.

2. Low content of water-insoluble:the content of water-insoluble decreased by more than 70% after the modification of guar gum.

3. Excellent dispersivity and rapid dissolution rate:the product has a rapid dissolution rate compared with other high molecular and it can easily dissolve in cold water.


Hydroxypropyl guar gum is nonionic hydroxypropyl guar derived from natural guar gum.With its high compatibility with deetrolytes and hydrophilic liguids.Good stability over a large PH range(4-10).Hydroxypropyl guar gum is a ideal for thickening those solutions or lotions that have high alcohol or glycol content.

It also can enhance the skin's resistance to irritations caused by chemical detergent,and soften skin surface with smooth feel.

As a multipurpose thickening agent ,viscosity modifier foam stabilizer,it can be used in personal careindustry for styling gels ,sprays ,shampoos,shower gels,antibacterial hand cleansers etc.

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