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Anionic polyacrylamide

1 Name
Anionic polyacrylamide(A-PAM)

2 Main technical indices
Appearance: the white particles and white powder
Solid content: 88-98%
Molecular weight: 300-2000 million

3 The physicochemical properties
Soluble in water, hardly soluble in organic solvents,it has high polymer solid electrolyte in a neutral and alkaline medium,and the characteristics of salts with high sensitive, electrolyte metal ions to pay to represent of insoluble gel.

4 Application
Anionic type (PAM)as flocculant used in dressing, metallurgy, coal washing, food industry solid-liquid separation. As flocculant used in oilfield extensively. General dosing quantity for 1-10mg/L, can also be used together with aluminum salt and better effects. Suspended solid particles of different water suspension, should adopt different types of A - PAM, in oilfield industry's most main purpose is to be used as A eor of water injection thickener.

5 Storage, transportation and the matters needing attention
This product is avirulent, notice moistureproof, rainproof, in the transportation prevent heat and exposure

6 Packaging and specifications
25kg in composite bag(cloth/film/paper)lined with PE bag,or on the clients' requirements.

Anionic polyacrylamide performance indicators


molecular weight

water solubility

water insoluble

inherent content


dissolving time(h)

residual monomer

the white particles and white powder








Main application

Coal washing: it can be used on coal washing tail slag centrifugal separation, use in pulverized coal and coal slime of precipitation and the filter, can improve the pulverized coal recovery and improve filter rate.

Oilfield EOR of driving agent: can adjust injection water, increase the rheology of liquid viscosity, improve the driving water flooding affected efficiency, reduce the water phase permeability stratum, make water and oil can uniform forward flow. Its function is to in the field of petroleum recovering is mainly used in oil field of EOR, each infuse a ton of polymer polyacrylamide product, but more mining 100-150 tons of crude oil to the left.

Drilling mud materials: in oilfield exploration and development of geological exploration of water conservancy and coal, used for drilling mud materials of additive, can reduce the using life and improve drill footage, reduce the penetration rate and change the jams, prevent drilling Wells collapse effect is obvious. Also can be used as oilfield of fracturing fluid and the plugging agent and water shutoff.

Industrial wastewater treatment: especially for suspended particles, thicker, high concentration, particle with cationic charge, water PH value for neuter or alkaline sewage, steel wastewater, following wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, sewage effluent coal washing, the best effect.

Drinking water treatment: many Chinese waterworks' water is come from rivers, it content with high sediment and minerals, more muddy, although after precipitation filtering, still cannot meet the requirements and need dosing flocculant. The past waterworks adopts inorganic flocculants, but dosing quantity is high, causing sludge ratio increases and the result is bad. Adopt anionic polyacrylamide for flocculating agent, dosing quantity is 1/50 of inorganic flocculation , but the effect is several times of it, even plenty of times. For organic polluted river and cationic polyacrylamide cooperate to use better effects.

The papermaking assistant: papermaking industry can be used as caustic soda of clarification, retention aid agent, filtration aid agents, the paper dry wet strength strength agent

Sugar industry used for sugar clarify agent

As the aquatic feed additives and the binder

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